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The Best Heavy Duty Towing, Emergency Recovery, transport for heavy and medium duty trucks and trailers from Naperville, IL

Imagine you’re hauling a heavy load, you’ve been on the road for days and you’re ready to be home and get some sleep and all of a sudden there is an ungodly noise coming from your truck. A million thoughts go through your head on what it could be as you try and pull your truck to the side of the road. You get out watching for traffic and you see all sorts of fluids pouring out under your rig. Now what do you do? Is your hope of getting home early shot? No it isn’t! You get on your phone and give a call to Optimus Towing!

Optimus Towing is a heavy duty towing service out of Naperville, IL. There is not job too big that Optimus Towing can’t handle. Optimus Towing have the big boy eighteen wheel haulers that move anything you might have. Optimus Towing has all the big equipment that can move your big rig home and do it safely so your truck doesn’t incur anymore damage than it already has. Optimus Towing can take your truck to wherever you might need. We can take it to a local garage, your home or whatever business that you trust. Optimus Towing is here to help you make the best of a bad situation. They know that your day isn’t going well so why make it more rough on you?

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We service naperville and chicago and area 24hr!

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What our customers say

“Optimus Towing is definitely the most professional towing service around. I know because I am a ‘repeat customer’ – once for a flat tire, and once for recovery of my truck out of deep mud. Their staff in the office and in the field are real friendly, and they make sure to keep you in the loop so you know exactly what you’re paying for. I carry their card in my wallet now, just in case.”

Ben - Aurora, IL

“I’ve had to use Optimus Towing twice already and they have not disappointed me. Their service is simply the best out there. Not only are they always available 24 hours a day, but their customer service representatives and tow truck drivers are professional and friendly and have been able to comfort me each time I had a car emergency. It’s always a relief to know that someone’s got your back if your car breaks down for whatever reason and their quick arrival time is definitely an additional advantage.”

Jack - Wheaton, IL

“Amazing customer service, professional and knowledgeable drivers. I would definitely recommend Optimus Towing to my friends and family.”

Brenda - Chicago, IL

1100 Clients Served

400 Recoveries

15 Years of Experience

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