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Optimus Towing is your one stop shop for all things heavy duty towing. Whether you have just a blown tire or a complete breakdown Optimus Towing is the one to call. We have the equipment to tow whatever it is you have. From the box truck to the eighteen wheeler

Optimus Towing has the tow vehicles to get your truck to the local garage or home.

Optimus fleet of rollbacks is on the highways of our city, state and region every day, delivering a wide variety of vehicles to their destinations. We offer special tie-down equipment, removable rails for wider loads, and wheel lifts for multiple vehicle transport

Optimus Towing specializes in heavy duty towing and accident recovery. If you're stranded on the side of the road, either from an accident or a breakdown, Optimus Towing can send out the best in the business to get you back on the road again. Being broke down on the side of the road, be it small or a major highway can be very dangerous. Optimus Towing knows that traffic doesn't always follow the rules and sometimes don't see vehicles, even as large as a big rig and swerve off the road and be a major headache to you and your truck. It takes great care to move something as large as an eighteen wheeler without doing more damage either to the truck or other vehicles. Optimus Towing has tow trucks that specialize in such actions. We know that a big rig can be a lot of weight and doesn't just roll off the side of the road with ease. It takes great precision and knowledge for the job at hand and you can count on Optimus Towing to get it done without creating more damage.

Optimus Towing also knows that sometimes your rig will just break down but doesn't need a tow. Optimus Towing can make any roadside assistance call you might need. Whether it's a flat tire, out of gas or whatever you might need we will send out a worker asap and get you and your truck back to doing what it does best.

Accident recovery is something Optimus Towing specializes in. We know that sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Whether it was your fault, another persons or something mechanical, accidents can really bring your day to an abrupt halt. Accidents, no matter how small can still be very dangerous when removing a large vehicle like an eighteen wheeler. You have to make sure traffic is stopped, you have to work with the authorities at the scene and make sure not only you are safe but the tow truck driver as well.

Optimus Towing also is one of the best values in the Chicago area with rates that can't be matched. We keep our rigs in top notch shape which keeps costs down and then we can pass the savings down to you. Optimus Towing is what you should expect in a towing service.

Heavy Duty Towing

Getting stranded in the middle of the road with a large vehicle like trucks, trailers, ambulances, etc. can be a nightmare.

Your first preference would be to get proper assistance and tow the vehicle to a safer place. It is preferable to go with a heavy duty tow truck that can help you move your vehicle to a safe place.

We are a towing company serving the Naperville and Melrose Park area for a long time. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have a good knowledge of providing efficient services with the help of broad range of heavy trucks. No matter how far you are, our team will reach you on time and make sure that you get all the possible assistance.

The heavy duty trucks come with a winch system on the rear part of the truck, this winch forms an important part in towing the heavy vehicles at the back. We are proud to be one of the top HDT companies in Illinois region. A good HDT company will always be insured, reliable, licensed and will always keep professionalism at the top in his list. You can rely on us, no matter how heavy your vehicle is and where it is located. Our mobile team will easily reach that area and tow your truck to a safe place to help it recover fast. The recovery rates of our team are cost effective and we don’t have any hidden charges.

These heavy duty trucks form a big part of various industries and any damage to them can lead to heavy losses. We understand the importance of your heavy duty vehicles and make sure that there is no damage to them while they stop functioning on the road. We feel that word of mouth is the best way to reach out to our clients. We have served huge amount of companies and made sure that they get the best value for their money. The fleet of rotators used by our professionals are made to be versatile enough and they can be used for various applications.

The operators can lift vehicles weighing more than 50 tons with ease and they can rotate the vehicles 360 degrees without causing any harm to them. We are flexible in our services and make sure that there is no delay in service.

We also specialize in HDT hitch, trailer towing or HD accident recovery service. The emergency team will reach the spot as soon as you confirm your requirement. It is a challenging work to lift the heavy duty vehicles and move them to safer place. We pride ourselves for successfully conducting this service for over a long period of time in this region.

We understand the importance of a heavy duty truck or a trailer and make sure that your business is not affected. Our tow operators are fully trained and they finish even the most challenging jobs without wasting any time. Whenever you are in need of an emergency heavy duty towing service, just call us and we will be there to serve you.

We are ready to offer you a large variety of towing services, such as 16 passenger vans,ambulances, cube vans, step vans, buses, box trucks, dually pickups,pie wagons tractors and utility truck towing.

Our drivers are regularly trained to assure that your vehicle will receive the best and the fastest care, regardless of the incident.

Semi Truck Towing

We provide a comprehensive range of semi wrecker towing services. Owned and operated locally, you may rely on us for semi wrecker service for semi trucks, and RVs. You can avail our services throughout the week. With a wide array of equipment, we have the ability to tow and impound almost every vehicle. We believe, no job is too big or small for us. With decades of experience to guide us, we can also resolve heavy duty wrecker problems.

Our experts have the knowledge and resources to offer high quality towing services. Often diesel trucks, garbage trucks, or semi trucks break down in the middle of nowhere. We are operating a fleet of wrecker tow trucks to handle all kinds of problems without any hassle. Our expert professionals aim to secure and tow the vehicle ensuring no further damages take place. We can accommodate requirements including recovery and retrieval of coaches, tour or city buses, semi tractors, large fleet trucks, bread trucks and storage units. Moreover, we strive to provide the highest quality of care for large scale and semi accident recovery.

Need help with tow? When you're placing your trust on us, you are relying on a company which is in the business for many years. We've travelled to long and unrecognizable distances for your convenience. We are equipped to tow wrecker truck of different sizes, cars, tractors and trailers taking your stress away. The semi-tow trucks we have respond to various challenges with similar vigor. Our team of technicians and professionals never take shortcuts. Our team believes in working hard and also helping in moving large equipment including those used for farming, fertilizing, etc.

Improperly parked vehicles are often a cause of dissent and inconvenience. It leaves many people dissatisfied and annoyed which may unfortunately include law enforcement agencies. You can utilize our towing services to combat any such problems presently and in future. Our trained and experienced drivers are well prepared to provide the level of service you're expecting.

Semi wrecker towing service requests keep on piling day after day. With our straight dispatch services, we're always on the scene as early as possible. The semi wrecker cost incurred on using our services is less than many other towing service providers. Our mission is to offer courteous and professional towing services by maintain proper ethical standards.

We make it a priority to treat our customers with utmost dignity and respect. Our professionals have received extensive training in various aspects of recovery and towing to complete the job within a fixed time period. It is our effort to ensure that every customer relies on us for our integrity, professionalism and honesty. No one likes to have breakdowns or accidents resulting in unexpected repair costs. We understand how things may not work according to plan at times, not to worry we're just an email and phone call away. We work in accordance with all the regularities and legislations at place and you can go through the service agreement terms prior to taking a decision. Fair pricing and timely service is at the heart of everything we do.

Low Boy and Detached Trailers

We are a professional trailer towing firm and have a vast experience of providing every type of trailer towing services based on the requirements of the clients. Our firm possesses the trained and qualified manpower along with advanced towing tools. Over the years we have serviced over 1000s of customers and our popularity speaks about our capabilities. Our company has mainly acquired recognition for its efficient lowboy and detached trailer towing services in every situation irrespective of challenges and obstacles. Lowboy trailer towing is not an easy task but due to the availability of advanced resources our agency can proudly claim to be the ideal alternative in this industry.

Our company is capable of removing all your essential equipment through its advanced lowboy trailers. Our lowboy trailer provides damage free and effective transportation to all your equipment with special care. With the help of lowboy trailer we mainly tow the following mentioned below:

  1. Dump trucks
  2. Straight trucks
  3. Buses
  4. Excavators
  5. Machinery
  6. Limousines
  7. Motor Homes
  8. Containers
  9. Tractors and farm equipment

Our company provides long and short distance tow assistance to the clients. The flatbed towing trailers of our firm ensures safe towing of your equipment and other recreational vehicles. All our drivers are adequately trained and they have the experience of towing your items in safe and secured conditions. We provide affordable towing rates and can forward you with advanced cost estimation so as to reduce your budget pressure.

Our trailer towing services are available around the clock and our experts make it a priority to respond to your needs immediately. Our sole priority is your satisfaction and for that purpose we are prepared to extend our services in emergency situation also. In case you are not satisfied with our services, just inform us immediately so that next time we can fulfill your expectations to the maximum extent.

Our other services mainly include heavy and medium towing but most of the time clients request for our lowboy trailer towing services as we are more specialized in this field in comparison to other firms.

If you are facing problem to safely transport your precious equipments then we are just a phone call away. On receiving your call we send our inspection team to assess the items that need to be towed. On the basis of their recommendations we send our superior lowboy trailer to safely transport these to the preferred destinations.

Our towing trailers comprise of tight cable ropes and other safety measures to ensure no harm of your items. You can either book your services in our website or can dial our office number. Our technical support staffs are always available 24 hours to reply to all your towing related queries. You can also seek appointment with our expert towing professional and all your doubts and concerned will be addressed with realistic solutions. You can trust as we ensure timely delivery of your items to the designated spot mentioned by you. Our firm mainly accepts payment through all the popular payment modes and we make sure to maintain your privacy to the fullest extent.

Equipment Hauling & Transport Service

Optimus Towing offers all types of Equipment Hauling and Transport from sports cars to industrial auxiliary equipment. Our trailers are equipt to handle large diversity of loads including:

  1. Construction equipment
  2. Agricultural equipment
  3. Generators
  4. Movers
  5. Pavers
  6. Non-functioning equipment
  7. Over-sized/super-sized loads
  8. Local or cross country

Special services

Besides the regular towing services, our company offers a range of custom assistance that falls a part of our special services. Equipped to offer an around the clock assistance, we are just a call away. Our instant solutions and quick response time has made us feature among the popular truck decking companies in the area. In order to meet the needs of virtually every client, we have enhanced our capabilities and formed a special service team with advanced tools and equipment.

Despite the care you give to your truck or a trailer, it is bound to catch warp or rot over a period of time. It is quite important to make your trailers and trucks remain sturdy. In order to do so, you will have to make it rough and tough from both inside and out. Our truck decking services are intended to offer a complete makeover and expert care with the use of advanced truck decking equipment.

Load shift and constant wear and tear on the truck with heavy and huge shipments on a regular basis has its impacts. It is difficult to assess and analyse the areas which could be impacted with the normal glance. Moreover, Load decking involves loading and unloading of heavy cargo that could damage the base and develop cracks. This is why we recommend to have the trucks checked and inspected by our professionals after a considerable period of time. They will analyse and look for the scale of damage. With proper evaluation and inspection, they come up with the treatments which is required. They will also offer a free quotation for the recommended services beforehand. The costs are inclusive of all charges and there is no hidden charges. The primary motive of our experts is to offer affordable services which are high in terms of quality.

There are several options that we feature for decking up your truck. It includes the wooden floor, laminated flooring, hardwood truck flooring, apitong shiplap decking, and more. Our professionals are well-trained and we offer them regular training to stay updated with the advanced and efficient services. Usually, we recommend that our customers call us in advance with their requirements. This gives us appropriate time to prepare ourselves and send our team to cater to all your needs within the promised time period. However, in case of any emergency requirements, you can call us on our emergency helpline numbers and our representatives will make sure that the professionals reach you in a flash.

Additionally, we also cater to specific requirements of customers who need assistance for something which has not been listed among our special or normal services. We will be glad to hear from you and make all the efforts that could help you with solutions at an affordable price.

For free quotation and free consultation, customers can reach us by calling us on our helpline numbers or sending in an email. You can also use the contact form on our website to submit your queries.